Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Tower of Lazarus

The Tower of Lazarus

A few nice Lazarus images I found:

The Tower of Lazarus Lazarus
Image by Nicholas Eckhart This Macy's building is massive! This was originally a Lazarus department store until 2005. The Lima Mall was opened in 1965 with Sears, JCPenney and The Leader as anchor stores. In 1971 a new wing of the mall opened that featured a Lazarus store. Over the years The Leader became Elder-Beerman and Lazarus became Macy's. Lima Mall - Elida Road - Lima, Ohio Explored - August 4th, 2014!

Temple of Lazarus Lazarus
Image by Si-MOCs High in the in long lost mountain there stood a waterfall and pool. Many years ago a great King built this temple to protect this mystic pool. The pool, it is said grants the power of renewed youth. But only those who are Worthy. Those that are not worthy, suffer a monstrous fate. Every 50 years the king returns to renew himself, accompanied by a small army. The Army is not for protecting the King - he is just and well loved. Instead, the Army is in case the King is found Unworthy...

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