Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cool Lost Time images

Cool Lost Time images

A few nice Lost Time images I found:

Time Lost Lost Time
Image by gothick_matt

lost time Lost Time
Image by goandgo This is a work of Jonathan Meese. It was exhibited in Deichtorhallen in Hambug with a lot of other his works

In Search of Lost Time (2013) / Nataša Sienčnik (AT) Lost Time
Image by Ars Electronica The wall installation In Search of Lost Time consists of 42 flip-flap displays arranged in a square grid. The work is based on devices that have been commonly used in digital clocks or display panels at airports and railway stations since the 1950s. The mechanics are deprived of their original function: Instead of alphanumeric text, the modules are reduced to color and movement. credit: Nataša Sienčnik

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