Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nice Lincoln photos

Nice Lincoln photos

A few nice Lincoln images I found:

Lincoln Cathedral Lincoln
Image by Lincolnian (Brian) Lincoln Cathedral seen from the north east with the Tennyson Statue in the foreground.

Lincoln Cathedral from The Strait Lincoln
Image by Lincolnian (Brian) Taken from The Strait and looking up towards Steep Hill Lincoln Cathedral towers above the housetops.

Lincoln Cathedral from Castle Square Lincoln
Image by Lincolnian (Brian) Lincoln Cathedral seen from outside The Judges' Lodgings in Castle Square. The area in the foreground is now pedestrianised but I can remember when it was open to traffic. The tree, showing it's autumn colours, stands to one side of the old road through the Exchequergate but has no respect to the space it was allocated having now grown out and over the roadway to fill nearly all the gap between the properties. The Exchequergate (the arches of which can be seen behind the tree) which dates from 1825 was one of the gateways into the then walled Cathedral close. Anyone trying to find this view may be disappointed, the tree in the centre of the shot has been removed (2008)

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